A Good Novel Doesn’t Need to be ‘Movie Ready’


An excellent post about books an movies. Screenplays are a whole other game than novels.

Originally posted on Miss Adventures:

ImageI sometimes fall into the trap of writing my novels so that they are ‘movie ready’. That is, in my hopelessly implausible, grandiose and wild imaginings, I’m trying to craft a story that will translate well to the big screen… because, of course, my novels are going to be so magnificent movie makers will be clambering over themselves to buy the rights….

…. But it is unwise to set out writing a novel as though the screenplay is a foregone conclusion. Not only because, most likely, it isn’t; but because there are major differences between a good book and a good movie – and the two don’t co-exist.

Stephenie Meyer revealed that as she writes she sees her novels being played out as they would on a movie screen. I appreciate this correlation because, like me, it seems Stephenie is a ‘visual’ person. She needs a visual focus to help draw the…

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